Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, in the city of Sunnyvale, CA USA, IFinancials does product concept, product design, software development, marketing and sales for applications (apps) that run on Apples iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and OSX devices.

IFinancials was founded in late 2012 by 30 year experienced serial start-up veteran, Kenneth Ervin Young, with the objective of creating Universal iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Games that are Tons-of-FUN and can be played in as Little as 10 Seconds, plus Productivity Apps that help our customers complete their every-day money tasks quickly and easily.

Founder and iOS Developer: Kenneth Ervin Young

Founder and iOS Developer: Kenneth Ervin Young

We all need to take 10 Seconds several times a day to "Have a Little Fun" and also to be able to complete our money tasks quickly and easily!

How many days come to an end and when we reflect on our day we realize we didn't even take 10 seconds to "Have a little FUN" cause we spent too much time doing our daily tasks?

Work-Life Balance we all talk about but few of us really make it happen every day.

I wanted to create Apps that I could play on my iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in as "Little as 10 seconds" and know that I "Had Some FUN" each day.

I also wanted to create Apps that would enable those financial tasks - like Calculating a Tip, or Keeping Photos of Receipts - and make it EASY and QUICK. 

These apps are the result. I hope you enjoy them!

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