IFinancials was started in late 2012 with the goal of making IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and OSX Apps that enable every-day people, like you and me, the ability to "Help You Do More With Your Hard-Earned Money!".

Managing our money is the most critical skill that each of us needs, but strangely it is NOT taught to us in our public schools. The advent of smart phones that we keep on or near our bodies 24x7, gives us the chance to create a family of "integrated" apps that can make each of us "Financial Experts" without opening a single book!

IFinancials apps will answer all those "IF" questions we have each day.

  • "IF" we split the check after a 15% tip, what will each of us need to pay?"
  • "IF" I buy this item, will I have enough money to buy everything else on my shopping list?
  • "IF" I buy this item, am I getting the best price?
  • "IF" I buy this dress (or suit), will I have enough money left to pay my bills this month?
  • "IF" I want a vacation next year, where can I save on my spending that hurts the least?
  • "IF" I hire this person, will my business be able to stay profitable?

IFInancials first IOS App, "Check & Tip", will make you the 'go to person' for splitting checks when you eat out with friends or business associates . Our easy-to-use, instant-on interface only requires you to enter the check amount, then move the slider to select the number of people splitting the check, and you know instantly the even amount you each pay. Better or worse than average service? Move a slider to change the tip percent from your preset percent. Snap a picture of the check so you don't need to save that piece of paper for your business expense report - and - all the details are automatically transferred from the Check & Tip event to our upcoming Biz Expense Report App for paperless Expense Report filing.  Plus so much more! Tap on the "Check & Tip" menu item to see all  the great features.

Kenneth Ervin Young


I started IFINANCIALS to "Help You Do More With Your Hard-Earned Money!"

99% or more of every person on the planet struggles on how to best squeeze the most they can from each "dollar" they earn. I thought "IF" - If i could create a family of integrated apps that were easy-to-use and did not feel like "extra work" to use in one's everyday life, could I "Help You (and me) Do More With Your Hard-Earned Money?"

Each of our Apps is designed to be used in your everyday life - whether you're eating out with friends, grocery shopping, buying gas, clothes, furniture, electronics, rent and insurance - and so much more - and help you get the most out of every hard-earned dollar. 

All of our Apps work together to help you learn where all of your hard-earned money goes each month - and we'll offer money-saving ideas and coupons to help you do MORE of the things you WANT to do with Your Money. 

Buy our first App - Check & Tip - to get yourself started using our up-coming family of Apps that will "Help You Do More With Your Hard-earned Money!"