"Easy-To-Use Money Saving Apps & Services"

September 20, 2012 marks Day 1 of IFINANCIALS introduction of the first of many Easy-to-Use Financial Apps for your Apple IOS and OSX devices.

"Our goal is to make available a complete family of Apple IOS and OSX apps that will simplify the financial things that both individuals and businesses deal with daily in keeping track of where all their hard-earned money goes each month", stated founder and developer, Kenneth Ervin Young. 

We encourage everyone to download our first app, "Check & Tip", our first Easy-to-Use app for those like myself who struggle to properly and easily calculate the tip and split the check at the end of a meal - whether dining out by yourself, with family, with friends - or on a business event - and see how easy it is to use!

Quickly download and lock-in your purchase of "Check & Tip" at its special introductory price. This price will not stay this low as we more add more features such as "Lists" (save multiple "Check & Tip" events), Automatic Tax Rate selection, integration with IFinancials Business Expense Report, and more!  


Check & Tip

 "Gratuity and Check Split Calculator"

"Check & Tip" helps each of us that enjoys dining at a sit-down restaurant and struggles to calculate the tip or split a check at the end of the meal. We keep it simple for you whether you are dining out by yourself, with your family, with friends or with business associates.

Dining by yourself or with family? With "Check & Tip" you simply enter the check amount and "Check & Tip" shows the recommended Tip and Total. Want to increase or decrease the tip? Just use your finger on a slider and choose the percent tip your waitperson has earned. Have a discount coupon? Enter the amount so you can properly calculate the tip before the discount coupon was applied to the check amount. Too dark to read the check? "Check & Tip" built-in flashlight (iPhone 4 and newer) blazes through the darkness to make the check readable. 

Dining with Friends? With "Check & Tip" you simply enter the check amount and "Check & Tip" shows the recommended Tip and Total. Then simply use your finger to slide and select the number of friends you are splitting the check with and "Check & Tip" shows the equal amount each person will pay. Want to round the tip or round the total due? Simply tap the "Round Tip" or "Round Total" button to see the rounded amount. 

Dining with Business Associates? With "Check & Tip" you simply enter the check amount and "Check & Tip" shows the recommended Tip and Total. Save the Business Purpose, Location, Date & Time and Guest List for later filing of your Expense Report. As a bonus, you can take a picture of your receipt and email everything you entered and the receipt photo to yourself! World Traveller? "Check & Tip" supports all currency's currently in use around the world. 

Check & Tip - Gratuity and Split Calculator - IFinancials

Check & Tip App


Summary Screen


Event Details




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CHECK & TIP - Gratuity & Split Calculator

  • Easy-to-Use and Starts Instantly!
  • FLASHLIGHT:  Use the back-side LED on the back-side of your device (iPhone 4, 4S and 5) to illuminate the check in dark locations.
  • EMAIL CHECK:  Send yourself (and others) an email which includes all of the Check & Tip information and the Check Photo.
  • TIP METHOD:  Choose between calculating the tip using "Before" or "After" Tax is added methods.
  • TIP %:  Choose the tip percent from 0% to any maximum.
  • SPLIT CHECK:  Choose the number of persons splitting the Check with you then show the equal amount each person owes.
  • CHECK ROUNDING:  Choose from: Round Total, Round Tip and No Round options.
  • COUPONS:  Got a discount coupon? Enter the value so the Tip calculates correctly.
  • DETAILS: Track whether event was "Personal" or "Business", the event "Purpose" (for business expense reports) and the "Date & Time".
  • LOCATION:  Select the Business Name and Location using GPS. No typing of addresses needed!
  • GUESTS:  Select your guests from your address book so you remember who you were with.
  • RECEIPT:  Use your built-in camera to take a picture of your check & view on-screen at full size. No need to save those paper receipts!
  • FOREIGN TRAVEL:  Choose the currency used to pay the check (Future update will allow currency conversion for business reimbursements).
  • SUPPORT:  Question or Improvement Idea? Email us directly from the App (Tap "Settings" then "Email Support" at page bottom).
  • INTEGRATION:  Each "Check & TIp" event automatically sync's with other IFinancials apps, including "Biz Expenses" (coming soon), "Budget" (coming soon) and "Shopping List" (coming soon) so you only have to enter information "once" to use with all other IFinancials Apps!

  • IOS 5 and IOS 6:  Supports Apple iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S & 5) running IOS5 & IOS6, with full-screen support for iPhone 5 coming soon.
Check & Tip - Gratuity and Split Calculator - IFinancials